In Memory

Patricia Schisler (Felcin)

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08/26/09 10:28 PM #1    

Lori Shellhammer (Reed)

You have no idea how much Patty's death affected me. Patty and I go way back. We were good friends when we were young. I have so many memories of her, I don't even have enough room here to write them down.

Church choir, and giggling while we were supposed to be listening to the sermon, staying at her grandfather's cabin at the lake and scaring ourselves with horror stories, thinking aliens (or murderers!) took the people who ran the place when we walked in to find their dinner half finished at their dinner table and they were nowhere to be found, our first fake fur coats, watching Chiller Theatre, spaghetti with sugar on it, checking out certain boys, trying to smoke oregano to see if we'd get high (I got a headache and she got an upset stomach!), taking her blind collie, Princess, on the rowboat. Patty was always so much fun to be with.

We drifted apart after graduation. I tried to hook up with her again several times, but it just never seemed to work out.

I don't think she ever knew how much I loved her.

I hope I see you again someday, Patty. You'll be missed a LOT.

Love you,

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