Karen Heiny Matthews

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Karen Heiny
Residing In: Branchville, NJ USA
Spouse/Partner: Ronald
Occupation: Environmental Educator
Children: Carrie Rose, born 1986
John, born 1994
Yes! Attending Reunion

Good to see those of you who made it to the reunion this year! And for those who didn't, see you in 5 years if not before. Thanks to everyone who helped put the picnic together and for all those who cooked. (I didn't cook. Yes, I won the home ec. award when we graduated, but I hate cooking. How about a catered meal for our 40th?)
Oh, and name tags would be nice for those of us with failing memories and those who don't live near the hometown anymore. Best wishes from the Matthews family. KLM

School Story:

BS in Elementary Ed. and Environmental Studies, East Stroudsburg Univ., 1979
Continuing Ed. Classes at Cal State-San Bernardino and UC-Riverside, 1981-1984

My favorite memories from High School revolve around German Club, Kinderchor, and my one year on the softball team. I remember my softball nickname was Keiny, but forget who gave me that name. I finally had to quit playing softball for health reasons in 2009, but Peg Stoudt gave me a good foundation which led to some wonderful coaching experiences. It was great when I was coaching in East Stroudsburg in 1985 against a team whose scorekeeper was Mr. Walter Stann, my 5th Grade teacher. Since graduation I have been a sewing machine operator, classroom teacher, a Park Ranger, a naturalist at several nature centers, a river guide and canoe instructor on the Delaware, an instructor at the field campus of a university, and mostly an educator for the YMCA. I guess variety is the spice of life and who knew how much public speaking I'd be doing after the speech I had to do in 9th Grade?!!

Today most of my work is volunteer work as a Master Gardener for Rutgers, a 4-H shooting sports instructor for Penn State Extension, and church activities. I'm a 7th degree (national) member of the Grange, and I still do some sub teaching. When my husband retires (for the 2nd time) in a few years, I hope to finally work on a masters degree. (Earned lots of credits, but not all in one subject area, so no degree yet.)

My funniest high school memory occurred at the McDonalds on 7th Street when Ellen Lerch, Linda Schwartz, Jane Seiple, and I got Linda F. (from Nazareth) laughing so hard that she started to snort, fell out of the booth into the aisle, and almost got us kicked out. Steve Ressler spilling the wave tank in Physics class was pretty funny too.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Or who was your LEAST favorite and why? (Boy, this should be good!)

Too many favorites to choose from: Kresge, Pany, Czar, and the list goes on. However the one who influenced me and my career the most was Robert Snyder (physics and natural history.)

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Someone posted a message on the Morning Call Chronicle website page when my mom passed away in October and I believe it was Susie Moyer (Blackie/Moyer Family) Old email for you didn't work. Did you marry Graell and move to Palmerton, or is Graell another relative? Please reply to my email (matthewsk77@gmail.com. Thanks to all who replied, came to services, or just said a prayer. (Bonnie, Jordice, .....KLHM

PS. Happy Belated B-day Susie (and Steve R...all Vets...Oct./Nov. was a blur...

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Hi Jim, Happy B-day...I missed Steve R's back around veretans's day so I owe him a direct email or a phone call. We're talking about arranging a Lehigh twp. reunion sometime, I pass through there but still haven't seen him in person yet. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of my 2 favorite vets from NHS. Karen

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Hey Steve,

Happy Birthday to our Valedictorian from your Salutatorian! We thought we might see you at our class reunion now that you're living in the Lehigh Valley again, sorry you missed it. We had fun even though it rained and it was so good to see old friends again. We'll have to get together sometime before the next 5 years are up, perhaps at an indoor venue somewhere with a sit-down meal. Some of us at the reunion were trying to figure out who our youngest classmate is. I know I'm one of the youngest because my birthday isn't until Dec. 22 and I will turn 58 this year. I know Angela Drake (my college roommate) was born on Christmas day. Anybody born after that?

Hope you and your family are doing well, Steve. My son is still a church organist in a small church and he tunes pianos. He has played a few times at the Roxy Theater on their very old theater organ. What's your daughter up to? My daughter, who works for an environmental firm, just got engaged and bought a nice house near us.

Speaking of houses, for those of you who heard about our house fire back in March, just wanted to let you know that the siding is on the new house and it's almost insulated fully now! Our builder is still shooting for a Christmas completion, but it may be more like January. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers, everyone. Northampton was a great place to grow up and I value my "old" (I mean young, childhood) friends!

Karen Heiny Matthews

Dec 22, 2014 at 4:33 AM